Upload Files

The supported file format is .xlsx and .mp3 extensions. All you have to do is to add upload card to the code block and upload the files.


Excel uploads eases the process of development for early adopter. Let us take a typical quiz game which contains a question and answer session. In excel, accumlate all the question in single column with header questions and another column with corresponding answers.

Always the first row is considered as headers. The uploaded excel should be mapped to variable name in upload card of easyvoice. To access the excel columns, rows, use this representation {questionanswers[1].question}. To make Alexa randomly choose a row, use set variable card and create a random variable. Every time, a random number will be generated by set variable card, use this representation to get the random rows {questionanswers[randomNo].question}


The same upload card is used to upload MP3 files also. Once uploaded, the file is converted to Alexa accepted audio file format and URL is generetad. This URL can be used in Bot Speaks card to make Alexa respond with music. There is no limitation on number of upload files. You can have as much as possible.

Bot speaks MP3 message accepts a single URL to play a single audio file. The audio file must meet the following requirements

  • Bit rate – The bit rate must be less than or equal to 1411.20 kbps.
  • Sample rate – The sample rate must be less than or equal to 44.1kHz.
  • File size – The file size of the audio clip can’t be greater than 10mb. If your file size is larger than 10mb, * consider editing the duration of the file or converting the file to another format, such as MP3 or Opus.
  • Response length – The combined total time for the entire audio response generated from the components cannot be more than 240 seconds.