Take advantage of Easyvoice’s one click build option to deploy your skill to Alexa skills store.

Developer Account

The first step towards creating your Alexa skill for your brand, start-up or small business, is to create an Amazon Alexa developer account. Here is the link link to setup an account.

Please verify if your Amazon developer account is associated with Alexa skill management by clicking here. You should see your Vendor ID and Customer ID.

Please ensure the popup is allowed in your browser. Amazon SDK will prompt to authenticte Easyvoice to read and write to AWS account.

Alexa Skill Hosting

First time build will take 3-6 minutes to complete the entire process. Easyvoice will take care of creating the Alexa skill in the developer console, hosting skill in the AWS and Git write the Easyvoice generated lambda code to hosting server, etc.

Skill Test Simulator

Now you can type with Alexa. No need of Alexa enabled devices to test the skill conversation. Take advantage of Easyvoice Test Simulator to start conversing in the chat window.

If the have difficulties in building or deploying your skill, please reach out to arun@easyvoice.in.