Visualise your voice experience

With the most innovative drag and drop editor, you can design and visualise your voice app flow. Editor consists of three major components

  • Code block
  • Card

Code block

Code block is to group collection of cards. Technically code block is a function. Each code block should start with user speak card and end with bot speak card. Let us consider the following example where the user starts the conversation by involking Alexa to open guess the music director game.

User – Alexa, open guess the music director

Alexa – Welcome to music director quiz game ! You will hear a song for which you will have to guess the music director name. If you are not sure about the song, say skip to play the next song. Shall we start the game ?

The highlighted blue box in the image is a code block. To add card to the code block, press ( + ) button. The editor becomes draggle when holding left click. To zoom in and zoom out the editor, use the ( + ) ( - ) button in the left top corner.


Card captures information required to carry the communications. To make Alexa listen, user speaks card should be used. To make Alexa bot speak or play mp3 or background music, bot speaks card should be used. There are cards to import excel & mp3, apply conditional path to conversation, call 3rd party API with access token handler, etc. Details about each card is in Card Type